Designed by perfusionists,
for perfusionists

Century HLM is dedicated to a major unmet need: bringing hospitals worldwide extreme reliability, flexibility and value in a heart lung machine. Perfusionist founded and owned, we know heart lung machines from extensive, hands-on experience. We know what you need in an HLM to perform at your best and deliver the best possible care to patients, case after case. And we are proud of what the new Century HLM has to offer—legendary workhorse performance in a fully modular system, with market-leading durability and ease of use.


Jeff Poland

President and CEO

Jeff brings more than four decades of clinical and administrative perfusion experience to his role as co-owner and founder of Century HLM. Driven by deep experience as a perfusionist, he is passionate about the new Century HLM as the offering of choice for hospitals seeking exceptional reliability, durability, ease and value.

Ron Bailey

Chief Financial Officer

Ron is a senior management executive with extensive multi-disciplinary healthcare experience over the last thirty years. A co-owner of Century HLM, Ron has over 20 years’ experience building successful perfusion companies through acquisitions and mergers. He has worked with Jeff in various roles since 1994.

John Hyte

Director of Manufacturing

John is the President of H&S Technical Services, a cardiovascular focused manufacturing, maintenance, and repair company in Mesa, AZ. As the manufacturing partner for Century HLM, he oversees all aspects of production and certifications for the Century device.