Beat after beat

Year after year

Extreme durability


Unrivalled durability and dependability


Proudly made in the USA, from industrial-grade materials


2 hours full system power or 5 hours arterial pump

Simpler means safer

The Century HLM keeps it simple so you can stay focused on patients. Everything is designed for ease—in fact, training takes just one hour

Everything you need

Nothing you don't

Flexibility to fit the way you work‭, ‬with multiple configurations and options customized to your requirements

Perfusionist-owned and designed

Perfusionist-driven design and support, made for your needs—by people who get it

The New Century Heart Lung Machine‭ ‬delivers rock-solid reliability and ease of use‭, ‬with the lowest total cost of ownership of any HLM‮—‬backed by robust technical support and an industry-leading 4-year warranty‭. ‬

1. Pole and Mast System
Versatile and convenient as is, or choose from available options to meet your needs

2. Heavy-duty Raceway
Thick-walled, single-piece construction prevents warping and holds its shape over time, enabling pump to maintain longterm accuracy

3. Centrifugal Pump Compatibility
Console base accepts all third-party centrifugal pumps

4. Two Tubes
Roller pumps easily accommodate two 1/4” tubings in one roller head

5. Century Perfusion Pump
The legendary Stöckert-designed “workhorse” pump, famous for exceptional reliability and durability

6. Speed Control Knob
Two-stage pump speed control knob (coarse and fine control) with a hard stop at zero

7. Spill Proof Access Ports
Improves ease of use in sensor cable management

14. CPC Touchscreen
Simple, intuitive interface lets you focus on the patient
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13. USB Port
Download data recorded every 10 sec (every 5 seconds when alarm is active) with a Century flash drive

12. RS 232 Port
Stream data to any Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

11. Console Base
Accepts all stand-alone centrifugal pumps, cardioplegia systems and compact heater coolers

10. Extra-long Life UPS Battery Backup
Provides industry leading 2 hours full system power or 5 hours of arterial pump operation

9. Internal Power Supply in Each Module
Enables independent operation of each pump module by plugging directly into a wall outlet

8. Cable/Water Channel
Channel for cables and/or water lines to pass to other side of Console Base protected and elevated off of the floor

All-in-one CPC feature set

4 Pressures

4 Temperatures

4 Timers

4 Detectors (2 Bubble, 2 Level)

Automatic Cardioplegia Functions

Make it your own

Choose accessories and options to configure your system

LED Lamp

Laptop Tray

Writing Tray

"C" Mast

Storage Shelves

See brochure for full list of optional accessories

Simpler means

The Century HLM interface is designed for safety and ease‭, ‬with an intuitively simple touchscreen design that lets you stay focused on the patient‭.‬

Extreme durability

Legendary Pump

Unrivalled durability and dependability

Heavy-duty construction

Proudly made in the USA‭, ‬from industrial-grade materials

Battery Power

2‭ ‬hours full system power or 5‭ ‬hours arterial pump

Long-term value

The Century HLM delivers value year in and year out, from thousands of hours of dependable performance to 1-hour training and a 4-year warranty.


Its affordable pricing and reliable long-term performance make the Century an industry leader in low Total Cost of Ownership.

1-hour training

Other systems take weeks to learn. The Century is so intuitive and straightforward, you master it in an hour.

24/7 Support

We’re here for you around the clock to provide any technical support you might need.

4-year warranty

We are so confident in the performance of the Century HLM, it comes with an industry-leading 4-year warranty.


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